Inviting you to chill with us in Aussie land. ARBS Australia, ICC Sydney 28 - 30 May, stall no: 984/985

Inviting you to chill with us in Aussie land. ARBS Australia, ICC Sydney 28 - 30 May, stall no: 984/985                  Inviting you to chill with us in Aussie land. ARBS Australia, ICC Sydney 28 - 30 May, stall no: 984/985

The Ultimate Difference: VRF System vs Chilled Water System

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One of the most tricky things for a business owner is to pick the best equipment for providing the best facility in their organization. There are several thoughts and work that goes behind choosing each of the equipment, be it VRF systems or Water chiller systems that is highly energy-efficient, cost-efficient, for the overall organization and its occupants. One such thing that needs utmost attention is an HVAC system. HVAC systems can be considered as an utterly expensive and energy-consuming aspect of any establishment; therefore, it should be picked wisely. Commercial or industrial HVAC systems come with two major options: VRF systems and Water chiller systems.

Comparison Between VRF System and Chilled Water System

Benefits of VRF Systems

VRF Systems are much more flexible and efficient in providing precise control and comfort. These systems are quite convenient as they have smaller footprints. When compared to the Water chiller system, VRF Systems are quite easy to install and less expensive

Furthermore, VRF Systems can be integrated easily into the Building Management System (BMS) of a building for providing precise and effective system control. 

Pros of Water chiller systems

Talking about the Water chiller system, it is highly advantageous for several types of establishments. These systems make use of  Air Handling Units (AHU’s) to control the airflow throughout the space. When compared to VRF systems, the initial equipment costs for a Water chiller system is quite lesser. Besides, Water chiller systems also offer a higher coefficient of performance (COP’s) that increases the cost-efficiency for better facilities. 

The Water chiller system can work on several alternative energy sources, which make them a perfect fit for large establishments. These large establishments need constant climate control such as industrial plants, large-scale shopping centers, and power plants.

Besides, Water chiller systems offer effective use of resources and are best for the places that have an inconsistent electricity supply, or an expensive one. All in all, One can opt for a Water chiller system as they come with lower energy costs and have a  dependable operation.

An amalgamation of VRF Systems and Water Chiller System 

There are times when an establishment requires flexibility and precision of VRF systems along with the advantages of a water chiller system. There is a multiplex and shopping center in South Korea named Starfield Hanam complex. This multiplex and shopping center is one of the best examples of this amalgamation. Starfield Hanam complex has several amenities like individuals stores and shops, food courts, theatre. Each one of these facilities has different requirements that are being perfectly met with the amalgamation of the Water Chiller System and VRF Systems.

Wrapping Up

One of the essential things is to make most of your establishment or space. There are several options to choose from and opt for the best one. Foremost, you’ll have to decide the goal for your project and then chart out a plan for meeting those goals. In the same manner, while choosing between a VRF system or Water Chiller, ensure to check out all the options and then make a decision. 

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