Inviting you to chill with us in Aussie land. ARBS Australia, ICC Sydney 28 - 30 May, stall no: 984/985

Inviting you to chill with us in Aussie land. ARBS Australia, ICC Sydney 28 - 30 May, stall no: 984/985                  Inviting you to chill with us in Aussie land. ARBS Australia, ICC Sydney 28 - 30 May, stall no: 984/985

5 Advantages of a VRF System for Offices

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The increase in Global warming has led to extreme climatic changes all around the world. This factor has resulted in extreme summers, winters, and rains. While talking about summers, as time passes by, it is becoming tougher for humans to survive in such extreme conditions. This situation has given rise to the need for VRF systems all around the world. With changing times, it has now become a necessity rather than something luxury.

 Even the air-conditioners have gone through a significant transformation in all these years. Currently, the technologies that are taking over the world of air-conditioners are VRF System and VRV System.

Benefits of a VRF System 

It is highly efficient for every kind of space, especially for working places or offices. Here, we list specific points that make this system an apt one for offices.

Ensures Comfort

It is capable enough to recognize varied requirements of different spaces and then direct the specific amount of refrigerant desired by each of the air handling units. The accurate flow of air in this system eradicates any of the humidity issues or hot & cold spots. Last but not least, VRF systems provide continuous comfort to your employees for better health and work conditions.

As Quiet as a Mouse

Generally, the VRF system is utterly noiseless due to the placement of its louder condensing unit at the outdoor location of a building. In this technology, the smaller air handlers are much smaller and husher when compared to the ones attached to a large central unit along with bulky ductwork. It is appropriate for maintaining a peaceful working environment in the office.

Energy Efficiency

Talking further, VRF systems are designed in a particular manner for directing a specific amount of refrigerant needed for cooling a room according to the current conditions of that room. It leads the system to run less often and even at a lower capacity making it highly energy efficient. This system is capable enough to capture heat during the cooling process and then redirect this wasted heat to other locations of the building where heating is needed.


The VRF HVAC technology has an effortless installation process along with flexibility and a small size. With this system, there is no need for big spaces such as a maintenance room or service shafts. It is apt for offices with smaller space as this system takes less space due to the elimination of ductwork & mechanical rooms leaving more space for other useful purposes.

Reduced Breakdowns

We all wish for our air conditioners to work appropriately and not ditching us during the scorching heat. Our wish has been granted in the form of VRF HVAC technology that comes with a few downtimes. It has been possible due to rotating operating sequences of individual compressors that eventually balance the overall operating time and also distribute the load evenly. The inverter systems have lesser failures with no on/off power surges.

Simultaneous Operation (Heating & Cooling)

Out of all the benefits, the most unique one is the potential of dual functioning (Heating & Cooling air simultaneously). VRF System is capable enough to facilitate different heating & cooling demands of different rooms or offices in the same building.

Wrapping Up

For the best results from both the VRF HVAC technology and VRV Technology, it is essential that the systems are apt according to the installation area and the fitting is done effortlessly. Last but not least, these systems are perfect for large commercial buildings that have different cooling and heating needs simultaneously.