What are Refrigerants? – Role and Importance of Refrigerants

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With the advent of technology, there has been an immense change in the lifestyle of people all around the world. It has led to the use of various electronic applicants like Television, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, and Air-Conditioner, to name a few. Talking about Air conditioners, they work on refrigerants.
It is utterly essential to know about refrigerants as Air-Conditioners have become indespensible due to their existence almost everywhere be it Home, Office, School, Railway Stations or Airports.
Don’t know what are refrigerants? Don’t you worry, here we bring you a blog on refrigerants, their types and importance.

What are Refrigerants?

Have you ever thought, how these Air-Conditioners provide you such a cooling effect in the scorching summer heats? The answer is ‘Refrigerants’. Talking further about Refrigerants, it is a composition basically found in a liquid or gaseous state which is also widely used in VRF Systems.

The refrigeration takes place when combined with compressors and evaporators. Primarily this refrigerant moves between two coils that are embedded in a  system, one inside and the other on the outside of refrigerant branch piping.

Role of Refrigerant

It is a low-pressure gas that is basically stored in the copper coils. This refrigerant, when incorporated with copper, plays an essential part in the absorption of heat that passes through various copper components, which are widely known for being a good conductor of transferring heat.

Later, the hot refrigerant gas is converted into a liquid for passing it out while the cooling process is taking place through a fan until it is again transformed into a gaseous form.

This refrigerant cycle keeps on going until the temperature desired inside your home is achieved by moving the cold air inside and pushing the hot air outside via refrigerant piping.

Firstly the refrigerant absorbs the heat from indoors through indoor coil resulting in cooler air further the refrigerant moves to the outdoor coil and releases heat outside, and this process then repeats thoroughly in refrigerant branch piping.

How safe are Refrigerants?

Earlier refrigerants were considered to be harmful to both human beings and the environment, but with the improvement in technology, the refrigerant gas is now safer for humans and the environment too. The latest refrigerants are most appropriate as they help in the reduction of carbon footprints and also preserve the ozone layer.

Importance of Refrigerants

These refrigerants are the USP of any HVAC system, which should not be taken for granted as it is because of this device that people are able to live in extreme conditions all around the world.

If you find your air-conditioner performing badly, consider getting it checked for any leakages. Doing this will not only improve the working of your air conditioner but will also help the environment.

Replacement of Refrigerants

Refrigerants cannot be replaced as they are a part of the cooling system. Well, there could be instances where you’ve been using the air conditioner for a long time, and a problem arises in including a leak in the refrigerant.

In such a situation you will have to get the leak fixed, and refrigerant recharged.

If your air conditioner is not pumping the cool air as earlier, there could be chances of a leak in the refrigerant, and if the pressure varies, it could damage the compressor. So, It is advised to keep a check on it if such circumstances arise.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this information relating to refrigerants will help you in understanding your air conditioner better for the future.

Is there any point missing? If yes, Feel free to share in the comments. Also, share your feedback and suggestions in the comments.

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