Inviting you to chill with us in Aussie land. ARBS Australia, ICC Sydney 28 - 30 May, stall no: 984/985

Inviting you to chill with us in Aussie land. ARBS Australia, ICC Sydney 28 - 30 May, stall no: 984/985                  Inviting you to chill with us in Aussie land. ARBS Australia, ICC Sydney 28 - 30 May, stall no: 984/985

Why VRF Systems Are The Best For Restaurants

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Generally, business owners don’t pay attention to the air conditioning issues and rather put them at the back burner in the winters. But according to us, winters are the best season to replace your air conditioning systems. With this, you’ll get all the time you need for thinking and researching about various air conditioning systems. Besides this, The prices are quite lesser when compared to other times of the year. If you’re someone who owns a business or a restaurant, then you must opt for the variable refrigerant flow, or VRF system.

These VRF systems are the most sophisticated version of HVAC systems. They have been put to use in different parts of the world for almost a decade. Presently, they are highly demanded in the US for several places like restaurants.

Why Cooling Restaurants stands as a Challenging Task?

Generally, Restaurants are considered to be one of the most difficult places to heat and cool effectively. The reason behind this is none other than the blazing heat in the kitchen that needs extra ventilation. Besides this, It is one such place where the frequency of opening and closing of doors is quite high. With this, it is quite clear that restaurants are highly difficult to cool.

With those old-styled air conditioning systems, you’ll be tangled between a suffocating kitchen and an Antarctica-like cold dining area. Not only that, but your customers will also leave anytime due to loud noise and smelly & dark ambiance. 

Due to these issues, people are now opting for VRF systems as they are capable enough to handle all problems relating to heating and cooling a place. These systems are becoming highly popular among the restaurants.

How does VRF Systems Works?

VRF Systems are quite similar to the traditional air conditioning systems in terms of using refrigerant for removing the heat and humidity from the place. Well, there are several other aspects of VRF cooling systems that are differently designed from traditional cooling systems.

When compared to the large and noisy air handlers of traditional air conditioning systems, the VRF Systems have quite smaller air handlers. These air handlers can be controlled individually and then can be channelled back to one condensing unit.

Talking about the VRF systems, they have the capability to keep a check on the refrigerant amount flowing to all the small air handlers. The VRF systems are designed to be super-efficient. Last but not least, these systems are capable enough to cool and heat places simultaneously.

Reasons to Choose VRF Systems for Your Restaurant

Ability to Operate Simultaneously

It is quite surprising, but yes, VRF systems have the ability to provide heating and cooling at different places simultaneously within the same space. With this, you can keep your child’s room warmer while providing a cooling effect to the crowded living room.

Nominal Electricity Bills

VRF systems have the capability to function at accurate capacity which is essential for having a set temperature. The traditional air conditioning systems work fully or off due to which they were highly inefficient and costly.

Noiseless Operation

When compared to the traditional air conditioning systems, VRF systems are really low on noise.  There are several reasons behind this, one of them being the individual air handlers that are quite smaller and work on lower capacity.

Absolute Comfort

With the accurate amount of refrigerant flowing from VRF systems, it has the capacity to provide comfort cooling to every zone of your space. With this, your restaurant will get quite comfortable for customers without any hot or cold spots.

Lesser Maintenance

VRF Systems don’t break down very often as they work at a lower capacity. If there arises a situation where your system breaks down, you’ll not have to worry much as it only affects a single air handler rather than the whole system. With this, your restaurant and the customers won’t have to worry about air conditioning while the repairs.


Surprisingly, VRF systems take much less space when compared to traditional air conditioning systems. The sole reason being the small air handlers in these systems. With this, you can have a higher ceiling for your restaurant to make it more spacious with good ventilation. 

Things You Must Know Before Choosing VRF Cooling Systems

Initially Expensive 

When compared to traditional air conditioning systems, VRF systems cost quite a bit in the initial stage. But they are affordable in the long run with lower electricity bills and lesser breakdowns. With this, you can think of it as a fair deal indeed. Well, you can get a cost-benefit comparison with the help of an HVAC expert.

Supplemental Air In the Kitchen

You may have to go with supplemental ventilation for your restaurant’s kitchen to remove the residual air from the kitchen. Ensure to keep this in mind and tell your installer while he/she is designing the system.

Aural Design 

As we have already mentioned, VRF systems are utterly quiet but still you’ll have to pay attention while planning the placement of air handlers and ducts. You can have a talk with your installer about their expertise in sound design.

Wrapping Up

VRF systems are one of the most prominent and latest air conditioning systems in the world. These systems are appropriate for all types of spaces, especially restaurants. As there is much more need for accurate heating and cooling systems in restaurants due to the hot temperatures in the kitchen.

If you’re a restaurant owner, we suggest you go for a VRF system. It will work wonders for your restaurant and make your customers feel utterly comfortable.

We hope this blog on VRF systems for restaurants will help you in choosing the best one for your space. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to share it in the comment section.